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Enhancing Efficiency Utilizing Technology

Making the power of technology more powerful with innovations.

What we do

We utilize the power of innovation to make the technology even more powerful.

Enterprise Application

Building applications for business purposes such as optimizing workflows or modernizing legacy systems using more agile and collaborative ways of software development.

Product Engineering

Building SaaS and solution-focused web applications to accelerate the digital transformation journey for businesses with quick turnaround time and implementing innovation.

Staff Augmentation

Hire experienced developers who have the best technological know-how and deeper domain knowledge to augment the capacity of your organization immediately.

Our Approach

When People Collaborate Magic Happens

We believe in co-creation. When we work together, we understand each other better. And when we understand each other better, we are able to serve the end users better. 

Meet and Discuss

We meet and discuss to understand the objective of the application, define the scope and set the plan right for execution.

Design & Prototype

We consider the finer nuances of the application by studying the user persona and business outcomes. We then design everything on a drawing board.

Develop & Launch

We create application architecture, work on the technology stack and build robust, functional, and aesthetically beautiful applications that users love to use.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to contact us anytime.

Austin Distel

What We Are Is Because of What we believe

Since our formation, we have stood by what we believe. Our belief is what holds us together and motivates us to do our work daily.

Proactive – We are products of our choices and not circumstances

Begin with the end in mind – We live by design Not ‘DEFAULT’

First things first – We put important things first, not urgent

Think Win-Win – We believe there is plenty of space for everyone & more to share

What peoples say about us

We forge a strong relationship with our customers during the tenure of the project. They are our biggest sales and promotion platform. Here’s what they have to say about our services.

Sushil and the team at OrangeBits have done a remarkable job in bringing the Dextr idea to life. They take great pride in their work and it shows in the UX of the app – which is a delight to our users!

John Lambie

John Lambie

Founder of Dextr Singapore

Our development experience with OrangeBits Software Technologies has been fantastic. They have developed multiple mobile solutions for our various enterprise products. They have adapted flexibly to our needs.

Manish Peshkar

Manish Peshkar

Director, Micropro

What I really appreciated was their rare ability to listen, ask questions, brainstorm solutions, plan, and execute with true agility. The team is always on time and under budget. There’s no guesswork with these guys.

Fred Milestone

Fred Milestone

CTO, SaaS Product

Our Clientele

We are proud to partner with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. We help them develop solutions and offer talent, so they can continue to change the world for the better.

Isha Foundation
Hire Ground
North Ladder

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