Staff Augmentation Services

Quickly ramp up your project with access to certified IT developers who have deep domain expertise

Hire A Diverse Skillset Almost Immediately

Don’t let the pace of your software and application development become slower, hire our talented and certified professionals to keep your development projects going. Fill your temporary positions and ensure you are achieving the same velocity and time to market without losing the pace.

We have IT professionals for every role including software developers, business analysts, user experience experts, software testers, etc. These professionals have years of experience working with different clients and industries making them the right choice for your project. They can work independently with minimal input and zero monitoring allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of the project.

.NET Developers

Hire certified developers with expertise in .NET and .NET Core to supplement your software development team. These developers are well-versed in MS SQL, Azure, and popular frontend technologies.

Java Developers

Hire Java developers for your projects who will act as your remote employees. They have experience working on both enterprise application and product engineering projects. They are well-versed in open source technologies such as MySQL.

PHP Developers

Hire PHP developers proficient in core PHP and Laravel for your short-term developer requirements. These are top-notch talented developers available for rapid hiring.

Project Development Methodology

We follow agile development methodology which is suited for high paced software development. We have customized the process to suit enterprise and product engineering projects. 

Why Orangebits?

The most important reason is we care for our customers. Apart from that, there are many reasons. Here are a few of them listed.

It’s not easy to find professionals with cutting technology knowledge on short notice. We help you with a quick ramp-up of your team offering you talented and certified software professionals for short-term assignments.

We have a ready pool of talented developers from a wide range of technologies. You can start your interview process as quickly as today allowing you to save critical time. 

Our developers always finish projects within time and budget so you are not struggling with resources to support the project indefinitely. It also means you can focus on the marketing plan with the assurance that the project will finish on time.

We have a wide variety of engagement models giving you complete comfort before you commit to the project. Onsite, hybrid, offshore or fixed cost and time & material, we are open for all options. 

We take skilling and re-skilling very seriously. We invest a lot in keeping our talent up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Our professionals appear to various certifications from time to time.

Enterprise Application Development

Building applications for business purposes such as optimizing workflows or modernizing legacy systems using more agile and collaborative ways of software development.

Product Engineering Services

Building SaaS and solution-focused web applications to accelerate the digital transformation journey for businesses with quick turnaround time and implementing innovation.

Staff Augmentation Services

Hire experienced developers who have the best technological know-how and deeper domain knowledge to augment the capacity of your organization immediately.


We use technology that is right suited for the project. We always look for best suited technology over which technology we are comfortable with. We are blessed to have developers who do not shy away from learning new technologies if those are going to help the client in the long run. 

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If you need to develop software or if you are looking at having software professionals ramping up your team immediately, then do get in touch with us.